Picking technologies that help companies to sort their order fulfilment operations


Our picking technologies enhance the productivity of pickers in a person to goods picking process and can be integrated into any existing warehousing operations thereby increasing the efficiency and accuracy of the order picking process exponentially.


Electronic hardware and in-house software enables high-speed order fulfilment operations, with best-in-class picking rate and outstanding productivity. Light-guided systems are an efficient, accurate, simple, easy-to-read displays make training easy, enabling new employees to be productive more quickly than ever. With warehouse jobs becoming increasingly difficult to fill and plagued by high turnover rates, light technology enables operations to get consistent, efficient results in a variety of mission-critical order fulfillment processes. Put-to-light is an effective method for sorting large batches to individual customer orders. We can offer PTL cabinets, PTL frames & movable carts


Navigation & Safety Systems that drive Mobile Robots is the core feature of mobile robots that enables the robot to direct itself from the current position to the desired destination. Navigation of mobile robots has been traditionally understood as solving the problem proposed by these three questions:
Where am I?
What are the other places related to me?
How do I get to other places from here?


With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) & Industry 4.0 mobile robots have been used for many applications in various fields such as industry, space, defence, and other social sectors. They have been used for material handling, picking, special applications such as disinfectant robots, etc. Therefore, an intelligent mobile robot is required that could travel autonomously in various static and dynamic environments. Several techniques have been applied for mobile robot navigation and obstacle avoidance. Let’s understand some of them, LIDAR Based Navigation – There are several ways for sensors to map and track the environment and estimate mobile robot positioning. LIDAR – Light Detection and Ranging technology is an essential ingredient in robotic autonomy and navigation. It allows mobile robots to extend outside controlled situations and pre-defined task functions in unpredictable and unfamiliar situations. Lidar sensors provide a constant stream of high-resolution, 3D information about the mobile surroundings, including locating the position of objects and people. Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) technology enables the indoor capabilities of a robot with the Lidar data. The benefits provided by SLAM technology include “easy navigation without reliance on external technologies and real-time formation of 3D maps with reduced cost and power requirement”. Vision-Based Navigation – Vision system of the robot allows the mobile robot to see its environment as a human sees and interpret the information. Vision-based navigation technique uses a computer algorithm and data from optical sensors calculate the optimal path. The algorithm translates the visual information into concentration surroundings data so that the location of mobile robot can be identified & from there it chooses an optimal path to accomplish its goal. After that, the driving system of the mobile robot will be activated to reach its destination.

Mobile Weighing

Eliminates Order Picking errors,improving warehouse performance. Warehouse trucks are becoming more and more a data handling device, being the centre point between material movement and data capture. Goods are identified and weighed, and all of these values are sent to a WMS or ERP-System using Wi-Fi Access Points networks systems. Mobile Scale integrated in warehouse trucks enables the Logistics service provider to work more efficient and more cost effective. Better picking performance has a higher value for all parties involved. Mobile Scales are the tool to a better and cleverer warehouse operation giving our customer that extra edge.

What are the benefits?

Picking errors are detected at the pick spot itself giving the picker the opportunity to correct this right away - this is a cost saver !!! Inefficient full pallet checks after finishing a complete Pick Order is no longer needed – this saves space and man power Information in real time available in DC or at the customer Detailed pick reports with real picked weight per pick line - this can be emailed to the customer at the time the pallet is finished . More the 20 Years of experience with order picking projects.