QC-Tech Ltd is aiming at providing state of the art solutions & innovative technologies to streamline work processes, savings and optimization in the supply chain and industry. With years of experience, we are able to fit the right solution for any customer according to the specific regulatory requirements or budget restrictions he or she may have. The company has a leading service, support and knowledge center in Israel.

Core Value

  • QC-Tech has one of the leading knowledge centers in Israel.
  • QC-Tech has the ability & franchise to produce locally and distribute worldwide.
  • QC-Tech Full Service Partner 'one-stop shop'.
  • QC-Tech Full turnkey projects.
  • QC-Tech continues to develop & provide its own IP in Order picking application at the DC.

Our strengths are customers’ competence, High technical background, vast knowledge of regulatory requirements in the relevant markets and the ability to bind it all to an appealing package for the customers.

Who Are Our Customers?

QC-Tech management is well known and highly appreciated by customers throughout the industry. Qc-Tech customers are considered as the leading companies in the market as well being door opener for innovative technology and long-term business relationships for our wide range of products line and spectrum applications.