Weland Vertical Storage Solutions


Weland Solutions AB is the expert in manufacturing safe and reliable vertical storage solutions. Their vertical lifts are driven by 4 cogwheels, which run on solid gear racks. This 4-wheel movement results in incredibly solid movement and precise positioning of the load tray. With less wear and reduced maintenance requirements, high operating reliability is guaranteed. Loads ranging from just a few kilograms to 1,500 kgs can be handled with the precision of a few millimetres with these machines. Additionally, the high stability of these vertical lifts allows them to even handle uneven loads. The design makes our vertical storage lifts flexible. The size is adapted to the conditions on the premises and the vertical storage lift is placed where it is best suited to the operations. The solution also results in the safe and secure storage of your stock articles. Only the staff concerned can access the stored articles. The warehouse vertical storage lifts can be optimised according to the number of items to be stored, weight of the goods, and even the ceiling height. This helps in saving loads of floor space.

Types of Weland Vertical Storage Equipment

Compact Lift

The size of these vertical storage lifts can be adjusted according to the premises, which means you get great flexibility. Additionally, the great build quality of this warehouse vertical lift storage system ensures safe storage of the items. The items can only be accessed by authorised personnel.

Compact Twin

If you want to get things done quickly, then the compact twin should be your choice. The vertical lift storage system can handle two trays at the same time. One tray is kept in the waiting position, while the other is in the picking position. This increases the picking rate by more than 2 times.

Compact Double

With the compact double, the floor space is used with incredible efficiency. The industrial vertical storage lift comes with double load trays, in depth. This provides a larger storage area for every square metre of the office space.

When you buy Weland vertical storage solutions from QC-Tech, you get genuine products,along with excellent after sales service. We work to ensure that your equipment achieves maximum up time and a long life. We also offer genuine Weland spare parts for vertical storage lifts.

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Weland Solutions AB develops customised vertical storage lifts and stock solutions for the largest possible storage capacity on the smallest possible number of square meters for small and medium-sized companies, but also for large global brands. Flexibility, quality and semi-automated experiences that are tailored to the needs of our customers. Robot solutions are by far more rapid and smarter than people.

Robot from vertical storage lift to roller track

Efficient fully automated flows for stock handling implement robots in the system with area-efficient vertical storage lifts. The robots are in the picking zone and replace the operators who carry out manual picking of orders. Robot picking, which means automatic picking from the vertical storage lift to the roller track, results in highly improved efficiency, picking speed and space saving. For example, it benefits e-commerce companies, as well as the manufacturing industry.

Goods-to-man solutions

Robot solutions can transport goods in a faster and smarter way. A goods-to-man solution means that the product comes to you, so you do not have to pick up the product at the vertical storage lift. This is how Weland Solutions’ new fully automatic goods-to-man solution Compact Dynamic works.